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Ignite Your Potential for a brilliant imminent. Don’t let financial constraints hold you back – With Unipay, open the doors to a brighter future filled with knowledge and success.
Are you dreaming of pursuing higher education but worried about the financial burden? Unipay brings you the perfect solution with our Education Loan. We understand the value of education and aim to support students in their academic journey. Our comprehensive loan options allow you to focus on your studies and unleash your capability to achieve your goals.

Empowering Dreams

Domestic Education Loan

If you are planning to enrol in a renowned university or do a specialised course, our loan will cover all of your expenses. We have partnered with trustworthy loan institutions to offer you the most substantial loan amount and the lowest interest rates available. Say goodbye to financial worries and embrace the path to a successful future.

Expanding Horizons Worldwide

Overseas Education Loan

This Education Loan is designed to support students like you in making their global aspirations a reality. We understand students’ difficulties when exploring a foreign country, & our commitment is to offer you a hassle free experience. Our loan covers tuition fees, living expenses and more. Having Unipay as your companion, the world is your classroom.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find quick answers to commonly asked questions. From account queries to service details, get the information you need without any hassle. Simplify your experience with Unipay Forex!
Unipay Forex provides two types of education loans: an Overseas Education Loan for students pursuing higher education abroad and a Domestic Education Loan for students pursuing education within India. Both loans cover tuition fees, living expenses, travel costs, and other expenses.
Students seeking higher education overseas or in the country are eligible for educational loans, regardless of their field of study. However, these loans are only given if the student has been accepted into an accredited school or institute. Further requirements include the student’s academic record and the stability of their parents’ income.
Consider Unipay Forex for all your financial hurdles. We offer both Domestic and Overseas Education loans to support students in their academic journeys by covering all educational expenses. In partnerships with reliable institutions, Unipay Forex provides tailored solutions with flexible repayment options and personalised support, ensuring unmatched benefits for students.
The Unipay Forex Education Loan covers students’ essential needs for higher education, including tuition fees, living expenses, travel expenses, exam fees, books and study materials, accommodation, and insurance. This helps students stay stress-free and focused on their studies.
The optimal interest rate is determined by the applicant’s credit profile, loan amount, and repayment duration. A strong academic record from a reputed university can also help. Unipay Forex provides competitive interest rates, preferential rates for top-tier universities, and flexible collateral requirements, guaranteeing that students can borrow without facing financial difficulty.
The education loan application requires admission confirmation letters, scholarship papers, course expenses, qualifying test scores, foreign exchange permits/visas, bank account statements, statements of assets and liabilities, proof of age and residence, passport-size photographs, and collateral documents for loans exceeding Rs. 4 lakhs.
Definitely. The student’s loan is paid directly to the educational institution in the local currency. All fees and charges for a school loan abroad are in dollars, euros, pounds, and other currencies. Banks levy additional currency conversion fees for this purpose in accordance with RBI regulations.
Education loan repayments usually begin after a grace period, which allows students to find work before beginning repayments. When a loan is sanctioned, the terms of repayment, including the tenure and instalment amount, are specified. Repayment is made through an EMI, which allows the borrower to pay more to decrease interest.

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