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Introducing the Unipay Forex Card, in partnership with Thomas Cook, your ultimate journey associate offering comfort, protection, and financial savings. Thomas cook forex card recognized as the best forex card in India, our revolutionary solution combines Thomas Cook’s trusted expertise with Unipay’s current era, permitting you to load single and multiple currencies onto a single forex card and enjoy hassle-free transactions global.

Smart Features

  • With Unipay’s Forex Cards, you can avoid currency fluctuations by loading funds in advance, helping you stick to your spending plans and manage your expenses efficiently.
  • Our cards are equipped with the ability to automatically detect the transaction location and select the appropriate currency for seamless payments, making your travel experience smoother.
  • Enjoy the freedom to load your Forex Card as often as you like, allowing you to easily carry a substantial amount and ensuring you always have enough funds to enjoy your journey.

Secure Protection

  • Rest assured that your Forex Card is secure with Chip & PIN protection, keeping your funds safe from unauthorised access and providing peace of mind throughout your trip.
  • Unipay’s Forex Cards are not linked to your bank account, providing an additional layer of security and minimising any potential risks to your personal finances.
  • Receive instant SMS and email alerts for all your transactions, ensuring you stay informed about your card usage and can quickly address any unauthorised activity.
  • Set your own transaction limits according to your preferences, giving you full control over your spending and ensuring enhanced security for your card.

Convenient Accessibility

  • Buying and reloading Unipay’s Forex Cards is quick and simple, allowing you to focus on planning your journey without any hassle.
  • Access your funds easily without any surcharge at a wide network of AllPoint ATMs, saving you additional costs during your trip.
  • After your trip, you have the flexibility to use unspent funds on your next journey, withdraw them at an ATM abroad, or cash out your card at your convenience.
  • In case of any unforeseen situations, you can rely on our Forex Card’s emergency cash feature, providing you access to funds up to your available card balance, subject to availability.

Customer Assistance

Our dedicated customer support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any queries, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable travel experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the best forex card in India. These FAQs will provide important information for individuals looking for the best single and multi currency forex card.

A Forex Card, also known as a Prepaid Travel Card or Currency Card, is a secure financial card for international travellers. It lets you load multiple foreign currencies onto a single card, ensuring hassle-free expense management.
The Unipay Forex Card works similarly to any other prepaid card. You can load funds onto the card in your home currency and then use it to make transactions in foreign currencies while travelling abroad. The card automatically deducts the equivalent amount in the local currency of the transaction.
Absolutely! The Unipay Forex Card is ideal for business travellers looking for a convenient and secure way to manage their international expenses. With capabilities like single—and multi-currency support and advanced security, it’s the perfect companion for business trips.
No, you can’t. The primary purpose of the Forex Card is to facilitate transactions, specifically during international travel, and it is not intended for domestic use.
If your Forex Card is lost or stolen, take immediate action to protect your funds and prevent unauthorised use. Provide card details, request blocking or freezing, change PINs and passwords if associated with any account, monitor transactions, and inform local authorities if necessary. File a police report for documentation and request a replacement card with the remaining balance.
Unipay Forex has partnered with Thomas Cook Forex Card to provide its users with a reliable and convenient Forex Card service. Thomas Cook’s legacy of excellence enhances the Forex Card’s features and accessibility, ensuring users have a smooth experience.
Yes, you can use your Forex Card for online shopping, flight bookings, hotel reservations, and other online payments, just like a Credit Card. The advantage of using a Forex Card abroad is that online transactions do not incur additional cross-currency charges.

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