International Sim Cards

Stay connected anytime, anywhere with our versatile International SIM cards. Enjoy seamless communication, data access, and global connectivity with ease.

Stay Connected With Abundance

Enjoy 20 GB data to browse, stream, and connect with your loved ones while in Canada. Whether it’s studying, working, or exploring the country, our International SIM card ensures you stay online without any data worries.

Call India Freely

Connect with family and friends back in India with 1000 minutes of calls included in the package. Stay in touch, share your experiences, and make memories together, no matter the distance.

Unlimited Local Delight

Make local calls without limits with our SIM cards. Reach out to new friends, employers, or anyone you wish to connect with within Canada without any restrictions.

Global Communication At Fingertips

With unlimited SMS, express yourself and exchange messages with anyone worldwide. Stay connected internationally and share your Canadian journey with friends across the globe.

Flexibility And Convenience

Our prepaid plans offer ultimate flexibility with the base plan available at just CAD 40 per month. You can also choose from various top-up options starting from CAD 15 per month. Set up auto top-up with a Canadian credit card for seamless connectivity throughout your stay.  For, further any assistance, our customer support team at koodo will be readily available to address your concerns directly.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find quick answers to commonly asked questions. From account queries to service details, get the information you need without any hassle. Simplify your experience with Unipay Forex!
An international SIM card is a mobile telecommunications card that allows users to stay connected while travelling abroad. Unlike local SIM cards, which are limited to specific regions, international SIM cards work across multiple countries and networks. They offer cost-effective communication solutions, including data, talk, and text services, without incurring excessive roaming charges.
To acquire an International SIM Card through Unipay, users need to get in touch, and our service provider will carry out their request. Users can visit the website, select a plan, and provide details. Upon payment, the SIM card is delivered.
International SIM Cards offer cost-effective communication solutions during international travel. Users can enjoy low-cost data, talk, and text capabilities, avoiding excessive charges associated with regular roaming plans.
Similar to local SIM cards, International SIM Cards are secure and equipped with essential safety features, including a security PIN, location area identity, phone number, contacts, text messages, and mobile plans.
Uniapay’s International SIM Card is compatible with most mobile devices, making it easy to use with a wide range of smartphones.
For prompt assistance or resolution of any issues related to International SIM Cards, customers can contact Uniapay Forex directly. This ensures a personalised and efficient response to any queries or concerns that may arise during usage.
Unipay’s SIM card gives you the freedom to make unlimited local calls within Canada, connecting you with friends, family, and potential employers without any limitations.

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