How To Send Money Internationally

How To Send Money Internationally

Sending money overseas has become commonplace in our increasingly globalised environment. Making commercial transactions, paying for school abroad, or providing support to loved ones living abroad can all be intimidating when navigating the foreign exchange market. Travelling buddy, don’t worry; this tutorial will give you the skills you need to transfer money internationally like a pro.

What Is International Money Transfer?

Indians can use Unipay Forex’s outward remittance services to send money from India to any foreign nation in accordance with Reserve Bank of India (RBI) laws. The goals can include work, study abroad, travel for business or pleasure, medical crises, employment, or presents or donations. Money transfers from any Indian bank to any bank in the world are made easier with Unipay Forex.

Ways To Send Money Overseas

Below are some of the ways in which you can send money globally from India:

  • Internationally Money Order

With Unipay Forex, users can deposit money into their bank accounts for hassle-free transfers, streamlining the procedure of international money orders. This traditional approach offers a clear option for individuals looking for simplicity and cost-effectiveness in their transactions. It is also affordable and simple to use.

  • Online Money Transfer

Unipay Forex’s online money transfer service emerges as a beacon of efficiency in the digital age. The majority of users in India prefer this method, which demands only the beneficiary’s account details. Unipay Forex ensures a seamless and secure process, making it the go-to choice for individuals seeking swift and straightforward international money transfers.

  • Wire Transfer

Unipay Forex provides one of the best forex services that takes wire transfers to the next level by incorporating intermediary banks. This strategic move results in minimised charges, providing users with a cost-effective and reliable option for sending money internationally. 

  • Bank Drafts Or Cashier’s Cheques

Unipay Forex provides bank drafts and cashier’s cheques for individuals looking for a more concrete and accessible choice. Accessibility is ensured by the availability of these financial products at several locations. While this process is less expensive you need to keep in mind that it can take longer for the money to reach its intended recipient; as such, it is best suited for those individuals with more free time.

Factors To Consider While Transferring Money Internationally

Factors To Consider While Transferring Money Internationally

A few things need to be taken into account before sending money from India abroad.

  • Exchange Rates

Unipay Forex understands that exchange rates are essential to cross-border transactions. Users can stay updated about the constantly fluctuating exchange rates by using Unipay Forex’s user-friendly currency conversion calculator, which empowers them to make well-informed decisions about their money transfers.

  • Overhead Charges

Transparency is key for Unipay Forex when it comes to overhead charges. Users are provided with clear information about conversion tax, service tax, and transfer fees. This upfront communication ensures that individuals have a comprehensive understanding of the total costs associated with their international money transfer.

  • Transfer Speed

Unipay Forex places a premium on competitive transfer speeds. With a commitment to efficiency, the company ensures that international money transfers are processed within a timeframe of 48 to 72 hours. This promptness caters to the varying urgency levels of users, making Unipay Forex a reliable choice for those seeking swift transactions.

  • Reputation And Security

A major factor in the popularity of Unipay Forex is its track record for security and dependability. It is recommended that users choose reputable companies with a track record in these fields. Customers’ endorsements and online reviews are important sources of information for anyone looking to learn more about Unipay Forex’s standing and dedication to security.

  • Convenience

When users assess Unipay Forex, ease of use is crucial. Important features, including payment choices, available currencies, and user interface, largely influence the platform’s overall ease. Users’ overall convenience is increased by Unipay Forex’s dedication to offering a user-friendly experience, which includes the availability of mobile apps for transfers while on the go.

Pro Tips For Savvy Senders

  • Send larger amounts less frequently-  Savvy senders can optimise their transactions by consolidating smaller transfers into one larger transfer. By reducing costs and increasing cost-effectiveness, this method makes sure users get the most out of their international money transfers made with Unipay Forex.
  • Schedule Your Transfer- When sending money internationally, timing is everything. It is recommended that astute senders keep an eye on exchange rates and carefully schedule their transfers to take advantage of beneficial oscillations. This proactive approach allows users to maximise the value of their transfers with Unipay Forex.
  • Consider alternative payment methods- Exploring alternative payment methods is a pro tip for users seeking to optimise their costs with Unipay Forex. While credit cards may incur higher fees, savvy senders can consider using debit cards as an alternative payment method to potentially reduce transaction costs and enhance overall cost-effectiveness.
  • Beware of hidden fees- Reading the fine print is a fundamental practice for savvy senders using Unipay Forex. Users are urged to carefully check terms and conditions to identify any additional charges linked with particular payment methods or payout alternatives since hidden fees can have a considerable impact on the total cost of a transaction.

Documents Required For Money Transfer

In order to enable a smooth online money transfer with Unipay Forex, consumers must provide the following paperwork:

  • PAN Card Copy
  • Address Proof, such as a passport, voter ID, driver’s licence, or any other acceptable document. 

A Key Takeaway

With a variety of alternatives catered to individual needs, Unipay Forex is a dynamic and adaptable solution in the always-changing world of international money transfers. Using online transfers and wire transfers or more sophisticated digital means like money orders, Unipay Forex makes sure people can handle the intricacies of foreign transactions with efficiency and convenience. Transparent communication of exchange rates, overhead charges, and transfer speeds, coupled with valuable tips and pro tips for savvy senders, positions Unipay Forex as a trusted partner for seamless global transactions, including services like Currency exchange services and forex services. As individuals, relationships, and businesses continue to thrive on a global scale, Unipay Forex remains at the forefront, providing a bridge for financial interactions across borders.

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