Do Education Loans Cover Living Expenses?


Globalisation has taken a firm stance, with access to education now considered a fundamental right for all students wishing to further their studies. The most significant barrier, however, is the cost of education. With that known, many people need to be aware that various alternatives exist to overcome this tragedy. To solve these financial hurdles when venturing for further studies abroad or anywhere else, Unipay Forex, a reputable and efficient financial service provider in Panchkula, steps in. The company strives to help students meet the expenses associated with their studies by offering education loans for students in India.

What are Education Loans?

Education loans are a type of funding available for students to cover expenses such as tuition fees, books, living expenses, transportation costs, and other expenses related to their education. It is recommended that students who want to take out education loans borrow according to their needs because the length of time that these loans must be repaid might vary greatly depending on the lender and the student’s loan amount.

For various kinds of educational programs, a variety of education loans are available. There are two main categories of education loans based on location, depending on the type of education one wishes to pursue.

Types of Education Loans


  1. Domestic Education Loan: Students who qualify for this loan live in places where educational courses are available within the peripherals of the country. At Unipay Forex, the value of quality education is a key consideration, allowing students to reach their academic goals without having to travel overseas. Whether a student wants to attend a top university or follow a specific course, a domestic education loan offered by Unipay Forex covers all of their educational expenditures.
  2. Overseas Education Loan: Students desiring to travel overseas for further studies benefit from the Study Overseas Education Loan, which is only available for educational courses outside the country’s geographical boundaries. To be approved for the loan, the borrower must have a secured seat in a college or university on the list of qualified educational institutions.


Do Education Loans Cover Living Expenses?

Education loans are not just for living expenses. These loans cover the majority of students’ essential needs as they pursue higher education. Here’s how the Unipay Forex Education Loan helps students cover their fees.


  • Tuition Fees: The Unipay Forex Education loan covers all fundamental expenses, including tuition fees, which are paid to educational institutions for courses, exams, and other academic-related expenses.

  • Living Expenses: The loan also covers basic necessities like food, transportation, and other personal items the student requires. This keeps students stress-free and their minds less crowded while preparing for tests or completing their academic degree.

  • Travel Expenses: Travel for educational purposes such as internships, conferences, or field trips is covered by the loan in travel expenses.

  • Examination Fees: Unipay Forex loan covers all exam-related expenditures, including registration fees and other exam centre charges for the duration of all semesters.

  • Books and Study Materials: Books and study materials serve as the foundation for all educational functions. The Unipay Forex loan covers these expenses, allowing students to use the funds to buy textbooks, reference materials, and other study aids required for their classes.

  • Accommodation and Housing: Staying away from home means living in PGs, rentals, or apartments. Education loans cover these needs.

  • Insurance: In the event of a medical emergency or unforeseen events during a student’s stay abroad or within the country, education loans cover all costs.


What do These Education Loans Offer?

An education loan is an excellent choice for those who wish to further their education without worrying about financial strain. 

It has various advantages, including decreasing the drain on family funds and eliminating the need to liquidate assets. This not only ensures that students have access to high-quality education but also allows them to concentrate on their academics without being concerned about finances.

One of the primary benefits of an education loan is that the EMIs are due after the student completes their academic program. This serves as a guideline for long-term financial planning and helps students handle their finances more effectively.  Overseas Education Loans, for example, cover a wide range of fees, including tuition, lodging and travel costs, study materials, etc.


Unipay Forex is a great choice for people looking for an education loan, whether it’s an education loan for studying abroad or within the country. They offer reasonable interest rates, preferred rates for top-tier universities and institutes, and flexible collateral and co-borrower requirements. This ensures that students can obtain cash at an affordable rate and repay the loan without experiencing financial hardship.

Overall, taking out an education loan can be a stress-free and financially beneficial alternative for students. It enables them to pursue their dreams without jeopardising their financial goals and objectives.

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